The Very Best DIY Team Building Resources on the Web!

Joker Cards are a great favourite!

The basic idea is that a team plays their Joker Card on a game, activity or challenge of their choice and it doubles up their actual scoring on that activity. Of course, if they score nothing then double nothing is still nothing!

Participants enjoy the process of choosing the activity on which they will play their Joker Card and it adds greatly to the competitive edge.

Our Joker Cards are crisply printed and laminated for repeat use. They measure approximately 18cm x 13cm

Joker Cards for team building games and activities


Single Joker Card £1.50 + VAT (£1.80 including VAT)

Set of 5 Joker Cards £6.00 + VAT (£7.20 including VAT)

Includes postage and packing to UK mainland addresses. We ship goods all over the world. If you are enquiring from outside the UK then please contact us by email or phone for a shipping quote.

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