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Electric Maze sees teams trying to safely navigate their way across a "deadly" maze! Working together, teams discover what areas are safe and what squares are 'electric'! This activity will challenge the team's ability to absorb information and coolly tackle a problem as a team.

A team tackling the Electric Maze activity Everything you need!

Participants: Flexible, however we recommend 4 to 8 participants per team. Each additional team will need an extra Electric Maze kit
Timings: 15 to 20 minutes for the standard activity + time for debrief. Can easily be extended
Location: Any clear and flat area - indoors or outdoors. Requires an area 2m x 3m or larger

When to use: Electric Maze works equally well as a team building / bonding session or as a brilliant energiser / icebreaker. Teams will enjoy this challenging activity and feel a real sense of achievement upon their successful completion!

Participants will learn: The importance of clear communication; thinking out solutions to unconventional problems; coaching fellow team members for a successful result!

Contents: Everything you need to run this activity including:

  • 1 x Electric Maze
  • 1 x small hooter (sound for unsafe squares)
  • 1 x maze solutions (for tutor only)
  • 1 x reel (500m) of polythene hazard tape (outdoors)
  • 1 x reel of PVC (30m) self-adhesive hazard tape (indoors)
  • 10 x tent pegs (outdoors)
  • 1 x Participant Brief (laminated for repeat use)
  • Trainers's Notes including full instructions and facilitation guide
  • CD ROM with all documents for you to adapt, edit and print
  • Licence Free - use as many times as you want
  • Email support for 6 months - we are here to help

Price Full Kit: £150 (£180.00 including VAT and P&P)

This is the cost of one Full Kit for Electric Maze.

If you want to run this activity with more than one team at a time then you'll need to purchase Additional Kits (equipment only). The cost of each Additional Kit is £70 + VAT (£84.00 including VAT) and you will need one for each team above the first. So if you want four teams to be able to take part in this activity simultaneously you'll need to purchase 1 Full Kit and 3 Additional Kits. Please bear in mind that each team will also need an adjudicator.

Additional Kits are only available when purchasing a Full Kit. Use the button below to add Additional Kit(s) to your order. You can specify the number of Additional Kits you want in the Shopping Cart. An Additional Kit comprises:

  • 1 x Electric Maze
  • 1 x small hooter (sound for unsafe squares)
  • 1 x maze solutions (for tutor only)
  • 1 x reel (30m) of PVC self-adhesive hazard tape (for indoor use)
  • 10 x tent pegs (for outdoor use)
  • 1 x Participant Brief (laminated for repeat use)

Price: Additional Kit = £70 (£84.00 including VAT and P&P)

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