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Looking for training games to buy online and run yourself?

You've come to the right place! Here's 10 Top Reasons why:

  1. All activities developed by one of the UK's leading team building and training providers
  2. No "watered-down" scenarios or boring role plays here
  3. We provide everything you need to run an engaging and fun team game
  4. Comprehensive, expert guidance in running and debriefing the training activity
  5. Full digital copies of all documents for you to edit and customise
  6. Email support from our experts to help you get the most from each training game
  7. Buy  team activities & training games online - it's simple and quick
  8. LICENCE FREE - so you can use again and again
  9. A fraction of the cost of bringing in an event management company or external facilitator
  10. No-quibble money-back guarantee on our games if you are not delighted
A training game that builds the team indoor training games

Why pick for training games and activities?

Eventus has been providing top-quality team building and training events for over 20 years. We have a reputation for intelligent and thought-provoking activities and training games. Now you can tap into that expertise!

You've probably tried and rejected some of those run-of-the-mill team games - the type that involve drinking straws and paper-clips, or unrealistic Arctic Survival scenarios, or Lego, or role plays. Ours games and activities have real impact.

We've developed a set of DIY activities and games because we know that bringing in an external provider is not always the best option. All our training activities and games have real impact yet are easily transportable without any heavy or bulky items. So now, for the first time, the DIY option is worth serious consideration.

You can use our DIY activities in many situations. Here are just some suggestions:

  1. Team building programmes - observe a team in action
  2. Leadership training - get each participant taking the team leader role
  3. Conference energisers - no dropping off to sleep!
  4. Icebreakers - perfect to get people talking and mixing
  5. Perfect to liven up any training course or event
  6. Young peole love them too! Great ideas for schools and colleges

The DIY option can be tricky - but not when you use Eventus.

Want to fill a longer programme? Combine two or more of our activities for a half-day or full-day of team fun and learning. We offer great discounts if you want to four or more training games. Use a simple round-robin format with teams revolving around each game. Introduce a points system or a mini-Olympics theme. Or if you really want to take things up a level then take a look at our our fabulous Crystal Maze Activity - Labyrinth This is a format we've used for many years and is alwayone of our best-sellers.

Don't forget that when you buy from you tap into our expertise. We are here to help! And if after looking at these activities you decide you want a fully-managed event then we can help too. Our sister site for Team Activities - Eventus should be your first port of call.

If you have any questions, please view our FAQ page or contact us by email or telephone 01558 668925 (International 00 44 1558 668925).

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